30 November 2022, Forward Workshop day. Get two workshops for the price of one. Dedicated in-person and online workshops, four hours each.

In-person Workshops

Humanity and Wholeness For High Performance

Sunny Grosso

Culture Chief @ Delivering Happiness

People today are facing a tremendous amount of overwhelm and FUD instead of fun. The FUD factor is the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that is draining people’s energy and causing a tremendous strain on mental health, emotional availability and overall capacity.

Never in our time has mental health, happiness and emotional wholeness been more important or as severely threatened. In Jan 2020 the World Economic Forum reported that the leading contributor to disease had become anxiety, depression and fractured mental health, leading to a significant rise in stress-related illnesses. And that was before covid19 hit us.

During this workshop we will unfold key concepts, explore core strategies and experience tools/practices that lead to the development of high-performing individuals and the cultivation of high-performing teams.

Finding Happiness in Hybrid Work

Nadine Koehler

Courseware Coordinator and Head of Marketing @ Management 3.0

Katharina William

CEO & Facilitator Happiness Coach @ Management 3.0

What does it take to create a thriving hybrid work environment? With post-pandemic work setups, having parts of the team working from home and from the office, it takes much rethinking and restructuring how we work, collaborate, and lead.

Hands-on tools and practices to foster a hybrid work culture and effective collaboration. Management 3.0 team members Katharina William, CEO and Facilitator Happiness Coach, and Nadine Koehler, Courseware Coordinator, will give you insights on how to make hybrid more fun.

This workshop is suitable for everyone working in a hybrid work setup who wants to get to the next level, for HR people searching for the best ways to help their teams thrive, and for coaches who wish to support their clients in this significant shift in collaboration.

Coaching Teams to High Performance

Ilija Popjanev

LEAN & Agile Coach

The “new normal” is faced with many complex challenges, creating urgency and the need for high-performing teams in every organization. How many times have you introspected about how are you leading others and what experience are you creating for them? Leadership is about expectations and experiences.

Discover the essence of leadership and how to coach your team to high performance! Learn how to foster the key team capabilities and bring to high-performance stage by using Management 3.0 tools and practices

Building Psychological Safety

Marc Nieman

Marc Nieman

Agile Coach and Management 3.0 Facilitator

Research by, amongst others, Google highlights the crucial importance of psychological safety in the workplace. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore the following topics:

  • Importance for you, your team, and your organization. Definition of psychological safety, and how to recognize if it’s safe in your environment.
  • Challenges in achieving a culture of psychological safety.
  • Foundations of psychological safety.
  • 4 Stages of developing the right culture.
  • Leadership behavior that enhances or diminishes psychological safety.
  • Your own role in growing a safe environment.

At the end of this pragmatic workshop, you’ll have tangible ideas and practices to enhance the psychological safety of your team, organization, and working environment.

Online Workshops

Management 3.0 Essentials


Sarika Kharbanda

Global Lean Change Agent, Change Hacker and Lean Change Community Lead

Uncertainty and complexity in today’s environment only allow adaptable organizations to survive and thrive. To foster the environment for employee engagement and enable transformational change, organizations need practical adaptive management.

Small chunks of theory and practice, the essence of Management 3.0:

  • The Why, the What and the underlying principles and views of looking at systems
  • The How: some actionable and digestible practices to create such a system to foster transformational change within teams, companies and even within the self, increasing employee engagement. Some of the practices included in the workshop are Happiness Door, Personal Maps, Delegation Board with Delegation Poker.

Facilitative Leadership


Isman Tanuri

Facilitative Leadership & Business Agility | Official Miro Expert | Doctoral Researcher

Leading in the Moment and Managing for Sustainable Workplace Happiness

In this highly-interactive, Miro-powered virtual training workshop, we will explore how facilitative leaders leverage the agile leadership mindset and business agility principles to bring inclusive and psychologically safe workplaces to life. With your learning peers, you will be presented with challenging leadership scenarios, and see how your real-time decisions can impact workplace happiness.

You’ll discover, experience and learn:

  • The foundations of Facilitative Leadership that cultivate workplace happiness
  • How to lead in the moment while focusing on long-term team development
  • How to develop psychologically safe workplaces that are effective and people-centric
  • How to make effective decisions that contribute to sustainable long-term change and positive outcomes

Agile Dynamics Management in the Public Sector

Michal Shlomy

Expert in Business Processes & Agile Culture

Vered Robinzon

Deputy Director General@ The Education Authority at Sheba Medical Center

In order to continue to be relevant in the changing and complex world, organizations, businesses and public sector institutions are required to adopt innovative modern consciousness, tools and practices. These shorten and make TTV, Time to Value delivery times more accurate, customers and employees bonding and satisfaction and all this without compromising the quality of the work.

This workshop will address:

  • Agile in the public sector – unique challenges and problems
  • Ecosystem of the healthcare medical center’s world—Sheba as the main test case study.

Lean Change Management Essentials


Sarika Kharbanda

Global Lean Change Agent, Change Hacker and Lean Change Community Lead

Change is happening faster than ever. Outcomes are uncertain, and the cycle of competition and innovation keeps pushing organizations to change more quickly. Yesterday’s linear approaches to change simply can’t keep up with today’s pace of change. In this 4 hours workshop are included chunks of theory and hands-on practice tools to help you jump-start your LCM journey

  • Introduction to the LCM ecosystem
  • Explore the art of change and shift your perspective about change with the 5 universals of change
  • Dance with the system using the LCM engine: the heart and soul of our ecosystem of change
  • Explore the science of change with a couple light-weight tools such as change canvas and Lean coffee

Authentic Leadership

Şahin Volkan Appel


Your authenticity is the very manifestation of your power of self-reflection and self-awareness. Together we explore the five dimensions of authentic leadership in a protected setup. You will also learn how the practices of Management 3.0 can be of assistance.

You will learn to distinguish between authentic, arrogant, and narcissistic leaders through sharing real cases. This workshop will include:

  • What is authentic leadership?
  • What are the requirements : self-reflection -> self-awareness -> authenticity
  • Understand the 5 dimensions of authentic leadership
  • How do Management 3.0 practices and tools support authenticity in leadership
  • How do authentic leadership and psychological safety correlate
  • How to spot arrogant and narcissistic leaders and encourage people to be authentic
  • Real-life examples of authentic leadership
  • How do we start?

Lateral Leadership

Alex Keller

Alex Keller

Lateral Leadership Coach, Author & Trainer

Artificial hierarchies are impediments to agility; agile transformations require new structures. Self-organized and self-managed teams are the new normal. Result: Traditional management tasks and responsibilities need to be taken over by everyone. Ordinary employees are increasingly in charge of projects, steering, directing, bringing people together, and implementing. If we look at it closely, leadership tasks are being delegated to officially “non-leadership” positions here.

But how can you, as an “ordinary” team member, project lead, or product manager, take over the lead and get people to follow you and your vision?

  • How can you create and influence the environment so your team can thrive and not just survive?
  • What are the success factors in creating a motivated and engaged high-performing team focused on delivering customer value while having a good time?
  • How can you achieve all this and become an effective leader without formal authority?

A highly interactive virtual workshop. Instead, you will experience and exchange with others to learn what lateral leadership means for your organization and employees and where to start.

Some of our workshop facilitators

Sunny Grosso

Culture Chief and Founding Member of Delivering Happiness.

Sarika Kharbanda

Global Lean Change Agent, Change Hacker and Lean Change Community Lead

Sahin Appel


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