Speakers Summer Summit

During the Summit, our fantastic speakers will arm you with new knowledge to work in small teams to solve EX puzzles and hire, develop and reward our mystery candidates.

Our speaker faculty will bring cutting-edge ideas and case studies relating to Employee Experience.

Mehmet Baha will start the summit with an inward reflection and talk on “Resilience and Antifragility.”

Become Resilient and Antifragile

In times of hybrid work, many employees struggle with managing their stress. The difficulty of disconnecting from work while working from home and trying to juggle personal and work relationships add to this stress. In times of stress or crisis: when we are fragile, our performance goes down. When we are resilient, our performance stays the same. When we are antifragile, our performance increases. In this powerful session, you will learn about inspiring leaders who embrace resilience and antifragility, become familiar with several techniques, and apply practical insights to become resilient and antifragile.

Infraspeak will bring a case study on their innovative hiring practices. And will give their story from an employee and organizational viewpoint. 

Catarina Noronha & Carlos Rodolfo Santos

An employee’s experience begins when they first hear about you. Companies can have rejected candidates, yet transform them into ambassadors. How often do we meet the right person at the wrong time? In recruitment processes, it is very common. How do we keep these people close and ready for when the time is right? 

In this session, we’ll share how Infraspeak embraces a human-oriented recruitment process that reduces the long-term hiring efforts while building brand loyalty.

Erik Fredrickson will talk about innovative retention programs. 

Practical Solutions For Employee Well-Being and Retention

In an era where many people in the workforce are leaving their jobs, innovative retention programs are more important than ever. Using the Enneagram, structured feedback, and wellness initiatives, we will explore practical ways business leaders can engage and retain their employees to build stronger teams that find more meaning and connection in their work.

And finally, Chief ‘Pay it Forward’ Officer, Debra Corey, will discuss creative reward programs. 

Awakening the feelings of appreciation through meaningful recognition

With 65% of employees saying they don’t feel recognized, and 87% saying their recognition program is “stale, outdated, or used as disguised compensation,” clearly something isn’t working. In this session, we’ll uncover the obstacles and traditional practices holding us back, and share case studies from leading companies to help you move forward and awaken the feelings of appreciation at your company.