Forward Summit 2023 FAQ

In today’s dynamic business world, organizations face unprecedented challenges, requiring distributed structures and shared leadership responsibilities. As we embrace digital and agile transformations, understanding the complexity of people’s behavior and needs becomes critical, as they are the key to success. That’s where Management 3.0 steps in – a powerful mindset empowering modern management and leadership.

Join us for an immersive summit where we delve into the practical applications of Management 3.0. Our best facilitators and consultants will showcase real-world transformations and demonstrate how Management 3.0 can synergize with systemic and agile frameworks. Gain hands-on tools and services for your daily leadership practice and navigate the dynamic landscape with confidence.

What is this conference about?

At the heart of Management 3.0 lies a profound understanding: the foundation of any successful organization lies in its people. To drive effective transformations, individuals need to change their mindset, behavior, and, ultimately, the organizational culture. This involves a fundamental shift in how we lead organizations, manage systems, collaborate across silos, take ownership, communicate with each other, and serve customers. The transformation for future-fit organizations requires realigning expectations, processes, and culture.

According to McKinsey, 70% of transformations fail due to a lack of engagement within the organization and inadequate investment in building human capabilities to sustain the change. To achieve true transformation, leaders must address how people think and act in their day-to-day work.*

Years of research also confirm that investing in our employees is not only altruistic but seriously good for business. Research conducted by the University of Oxford and Harvard in partnership with the jobs site Indeed provides compelling evidence. They analyzed data from over 1,600 US-listed companies, with employees anonymously reporting on measures such as job satisfaction, purpose, happiness, and stress. Their findings showed that higher levels of employee well-being were associated with increased firm value, higher return on assets, and greater profits. In fact, the top 100 firms ranked by employee well-being scores outperformed the main US stock indices with a return of over 30% since January 1, 2021.**

So what are you waiting for? Join us on an inspiring journey into the world of Management 3.0 and Agile Leadership. Explore the transformative power of this mindset, learn from real-world experiences from our facilitators, and equip yourself with the tools to lead your organization toward lasting success. Embrace the future of management and thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

*McKinsey & Company. (n.d.). Perspectives on Transformation. Retrieved from https://www.mckinsey.com/capabilities/transformation/our-insights/perspectives-on-transformation

** De Neve, J.-E., Kaats, M., & Ward, G. (2023). Workplace Wellbeing and Firm Performance. University of Oxford and Harvard University. May 12, 2023.

Who is this conference for?

In short, individuals and organizations that recognize the significance of agile leadership & happiness at work in today’s fast-paced and complex business world and who are eager to adapt and grow to achieve long-term success.

We wholeheartedly welcome Training & Consultancy companies of all sizes to this edition of our event. During this gathering, our focus will be on presenting the benefits and insights of adopting the Management 3.0 methodology for both you and your clients. We aim to provide valuable information and knowledge to support your organization’s growth and enhance the services you offer to your clients.

  • Leaders and Managers: Current and aspiring leaders and managers from various industries and sectors who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills and stay updated with the latest management methodologies.
  • Agile Practitioners: Professionals already involved in agile transformations or projects, such as Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Agile Team Members, who want to explore new perspectives and tools to improve their agile practices.
  • HR and Learning & Development Professionals: HR managers and L&D specialists who are focused on employee development, organizational culture, and driving change within their organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs and Startups: Founders and business owners who want to foster a positive work environment, encourage innovation, and create a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Consultants and Coaches: Consultants, coaches, and trainers who want to expand their expertise in agile leadership and management to better serve their clients and organizations.
  • Change Agents: Individuals passionate about driving positive change within their organizations and promoting employee well-being and engagement.
  • Innovators and Visionaries: Professionals interested in cutting-edge approaches to leadership and management, seeking to challenge traditional models and embrace new ways of thinking.
  • Organizational Development Practitioners: OD specialists and change management professionals looking for innovative approaches to support successful organizational transformations.
Date and Time

The conference is scheduled to take place on November 2, 2023.
We are finalizing the detailed schedule, and the exact times of the conference will be communicated at a later date. Rest assured, we are working hard to curate an enriching and engaging experience for all attendees. Keep an eye out for updates, and we’ll provide the full agenda as soon as it’s ready.

Conference Platform and Hosting

What platform will the conference be hosted on? We’re thrilled to announce that the conference will be held on an engaging Miro board. Miro provides an interactive and collaborative virtual environment, ensuring you have an immersive and dynamic experience throughout the event.

How will the talks be hosted? All the captivating talks and sessions will be hosted on Zoom. Zoom offers a seamless and user-friendly platform, enabling you to participate in inspiring discussions, connect with speakers, and engage with fellow attendees from the comfort of your own space.

Further instructions and access links will be provided to registered attendees closer to the event date.

Agenda and Schedule

We are finalizing the detailed schedule, and the exact schedule and agenda of the conference will be communicated at a later date.

Networking Opportunities

Will there be networking opportunities during the conference? Absolutely! We believe networking is an essential part of any conference experience. We are dedicated to creating meaningful connections among attendees. Throughout the event, we will build in various networking opportunities to foster collaboration, idea exchange, and professional relationships.

How will networking be facilitated? We have designed interactive sessions, breakout rooms, and virtual lounges to provide a seamless networking experience. You’ll have the chance to meet like-minded individuals, industry experts, and thought leaders. Engage in discussions, share insights, and expand your network with fellow participants who share your passion for growth and learning.

Get ready to connect, network, and discover exciting opportunities during the conference. We look forward to seeing you there and creating lasting connections!

Technical Requirements

What is Miro and how will it be used during the conference? Miro is an innovative and interactive virtual collaboration platform that we have chosen to host our conference. To make the most of Miro, we recommend accessing the platform on a laptop or desktop computer. This will provide you with a larger screen and more flexibility to actively engage in workshops, brainstorming sessions, and interactive activities in a digital, collaborative environment. Please ensure you have a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth experience throughout the conference. Miro offers a unique opportunity to share ideas, collaborate with other attendees, and participate in group discussions.

How will Zoom be utilized in the conference? For our presentations, we will be utilizing Zoom. Zoom is a reliable and user-friendly video conferencing platform that allows for seamless communication between speakers and participants. You can join Zoom sessions on your laptop, desktop, or even a mobile device. However, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection to fully engage in the interactive features and take advantage of the virtual networking opportunities. Zoom provides high-quality audio and video, interactive Q&A sessions, and the opportunity to connect with speakers and fellow attendees.

Recording and Replays

Will the conference sessions be recorded? Yes, all conference sessions will be recorded. We understand that scheduling conflicts might arise, so these recordings will be made available to all registered conference participants for later viewing.

How can I access the recorded sessions and replays? As a registered conference participant, you will receive exclusive access to the recorded sessions and replays through our dedicated board. This way, you can revisit any sessions you missed or want to review in the future.

What about the conference Miro board? Will it be accessible after the event? Absolutely! The conference Miro board, where we’ll host interactive workshops and collaborative activities, will remain accessible for continued engagement even after the event concludes. You’ll have the opportunity to revisit the shared ideas, contributions, and valuable insights shared during the conference.

We believe in providing a flexible and enriching conference experience, allowing you to engage at your own pace and revisit content as needed. We’ll ensure you have all the tools and resources to make the most of the conference, even after it’s over. Stay tuned for more details on how to access the recordings and the conference Miro board for continued learning and networking opportunities!

Code of Conduct: Respecting Boundaries and Embracing Fun

What is the Code of Conduct for the conference? Our Code of Conduct embodies the principles of inclusivity, respect, and creating a positive and enjoyable environment for all conference participants. We expect every attendee, speaker, and organizer to treat others with kindness, understanding, and consideration.

Respecting Boundaries: We foster an atmosphere where everyone feels safe and respected. Harassment, discrimination, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. We encourage open and constructive discussions, valuing diverse perspectives and experiences.

Embracing Fun: We encourage you to have fun and engage with fellow participants in a friendly and lighthearted manner. The conference is an opportunity to not only learn and network but also to build meaningful connections and enjoy the experience.

By adhering to our Code of Conduct, you contribute to creating a welcoming and enriching conference for all attendees. Let’s make the event memorable, respectful, and full of enjoyment for everyone involved!

Registration and Tickets

When will registration open for the conference? We’re thrilled to announce that registration for the conference will be opening very soon! Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for the exact date.

Can I attend the conference with my colleagues? Absolutely! Attending the conference with your colleagues can make the experience even more rewarding. Collaborate, learn together, and take back valuable insights to implement in your organization.

Do you offer group discounts? Yes, we provide significant discounts for group bookings of 3 or more tickets. It’s a fantastic opportunity to save on conference passes while ensuring your team benefits from this transformative event.

How can I purchase 3+ tickets for my team? For group purchases of 3 or more tickets, please contact Elisa at elisa@management30.com. She will assist you with the booking process and provide further details on the discounts available.

Social Media and Hashtags

Can I share my event experiences on social media? Absolutely! We encourage all participants to share their event experiences on social media and connect with other attendees. Help us create a vibrant community around the conference!

Which platform should I use for sharing? We encourage you to share predominantly on LinkedIn, as it provides a professional space to showcase your insights and reflections on the conference.

What hashtags should I use? When posting about the event on LinkedIn, please use the hashtags #fwdsmt and #management30 to ensure your posts are part of the larger conversation.

How can I tag Management 3.0? To engage with us directly, tag @Management 3.0 or @Forward by Management 3.0 in your posts. We’d love to see your perspectives and engage with you on social media!

By sharing your experiences, learnings, and key takeaways from the conference, you contribute to the community’s knowledge and inspire others to join the journey. So, let’s connect, learn, and grow together on social media!

Cancellation Policy

What happens in the unlikely event of a cancellation? In the rare instance of a cancellation, we assure you that our team will work diligently to find a suitable date and time for a replacement conference. Our priority is to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants.

What happens to my purchased tickets in case of a cancellation? Rest assured that your purchased tickets will remain valid automatically for the rescheduled conference date. You won’t need to take any further action, and your spot will be secured for the new event.

While we do not anticipate any cancellations, we understand the importance of preparedness. We are committed to keeping you informed and providing a smooth and engaging conference experience. In the event of any changes, we will promptly communicate updates and next steps to all registered attendees. Your trust is essential to us, and we appreciate your understanding.

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