Forward Flagship Summit is the unmissable hybrid conference for maintaining happiness in an agile transformation. The conference is built to create an interactive & deep learning journey with a central place for fun and great networking for our global attendees.

This 2+1 day Summit is centered around “Happiness as the ‘Why’ in agile transformations.”  

Forward Flagship Summit won’t be your average conference. We aim to create an experience in true Management 3.0 fashion coming with bold colors, new ideas, and tangible tools. 

The user experience is always at the forefront of our minds.

When is next Forward Summit?

Hybrid Setup: Conference is happening in Berlin, Germany and Online same time

30 November – Workshop Day – 9 AM – 5 PM (CET) 

01 December – Conference Day – 10 AM – 5PM (CET) + Flagship After Hours (more information soon!) 

02 December – Conference Day – 9AM – 5PM (CET) 

Who is this conference for?
  • Managers looking for solutions to offer employees happier and more productive work environments  in this volatile (working) world 
  • Change hackers and agents 
  • HR enthusiasts 
  • Agilists seeking answers beyond frameworks 
  • Knowledge workers with a flair for the future of work 
  • Project managers and product owners who aspire to create a happier & healthier future  

Anyone who cares about change management, agile, and living a productive and happy life and work culture. 

What is the theme of the conference?

Happiness as the ‘Why’ in Agile Transformations

Challenges continue to plague organizations worldwide; many organizations have disengaged employees, high staff turnover, and continuous and disruptive change in their business environment.

They are adopting agile working methods to better serve their customers and be more flexible. These transformations aim to breathe new life into an organization by creating an environment that embraces creativity and innovation, empowering employees, and reducing unnecessary layers of management.

Does it work?

Sometimes – but often, what happens is a capital ‘A,’ capital ‘T’ Agile Transformation; from an employee’s perspective, it infers involuntary, mandatory change being done to you, whether you like it or not. The capital ‘T’ denotes that you have to change, and the capital ‘A’ denotes how you will change. Both of these words carry baggage and weaken employee motivation.1 

In addition, many organizations adopt Scrum, SaFe, or other frameworks and call it a day. While many of these are helpful tools, it’s not a one-size fits all solution.

What’s the alternative?

Humans are at the center of an organization and a transformation, and human needs should be on the same par as technological and structural needs. It’s about being agile, not doing agile. 

There is rising pressure in the talent pipeline; attrition rates, times to fill posts, and the number of skills required for a single job is at record highs. It’s a candidate-driven recruitment field with 49% of CEOs confirming that “it’s very difficult for us to find and hire the kind of people we need in our business.2

It’s high time to focus on happiness as the main component in a transformation. Happiness isn’t about making people “smile more” or always be “positive”; it’s about employees that are motivated and confident to approach the inevitable challenges, empowered with the right tools and knowledge to face the difficult times ahead.

At Management 3.0 we believe that leadership plays a crucial role in driving this happiness; hence our mission is agile leadership for happier people and successful organizations.

This conference explores how to support happiness in agile transformations with Management 3.0 and other innovative methodology and tools. The knowledge and actionable advice this conference shares is transferable for all other change projects and allows you to build resilience in your organization. 


 1: Jonathan Smart – Want to do an Agile Transformation? Don’t. Focus on Flow, Quality, Happiness, Safety and Value. July 21,2018 – https://medium.com/sooner-safer-happier/want-to-do-an-agile-transformation-dont-focus-on-flow-quality-happiness-safety-and-value-11e01ee8f8f3

2: Gartner, Jackie Wiles, CEO’s Turn a Sharp Eye to Workforce Issues and Sustainability in 2022-23, April 27,2022 ( https://www.gartner.com/en/articles/ceos-turn-a-sharp-eye-to-workforce-issues-and-sustainability-in-2022-23 )

Why Hybrid?

As a global community, we have opted for a hybrid conference. Hybrid will allow those who cannot travel to Berlin for various reasons, including sustainability concerns, to join us via their computer screens. 

We appreciate that physical and virtual events have different set-ups, so we aim to live stream our keynotes and connect virtual and onsite attendees in surprising and engaging ways. We will share similar content with both participants, but the virtual and physical attendees will be on slightly different trajectories, bringing them together at key moments.

What can I expect from Forward Flagship Summit?

At Management 3.0, we are all about experimenting. This hybrid event will be an adventure in bringing the best of in-person and virtual conferencing together. 

Expect happiness in Management 3.0’s signature style. 

Interactive and deep-learning, hands-on practices, signature style graphics, fun activities (live and online), global networking, exciting goodie bags, and so much more. 

Four keynote speakers will approach happiness in (agile) transformations from different angles. 

In addition, we will have practice sessions, case study sessions, an open session, and a networking event.

Practice sessions will allow deep diving into an exercise, serious game, or application. 

Case studies will bring you the best examples from the industry.

What about timezones?

We will run our virtual and online sessions in parallel as a hybrid conference. 

We will live stream the keynotes directly from Berlin; all other sessions are tailored to each audience’s needs. 

This means sessions will not precisely mimic each other and might diverge. However, all sessions will be on Central European Time, allowing maximum engagement between both audiences. 

Day 1 

CityDateStart TimeEnd TimeTime Zone
Berlin, GermanyThu, 1 December 202210:0018:00CET
London, United KingdomThu, 1 December 20229:0017:00GMT
Brasilia, BrazilThu, 1 December 20226:0014:00BRT
New York, USAThu, 1 December 20224:0012:00EST
New Delhi, IndiaThu, 1 December 202214:3022:30IST
Singapore, SingaporeThu, 1 December 202217:001:00SGT
Tokyo, JapanThu, 1 December 202218:002:00JST

Day 2 

CityDateStart TimeEnd TimeTime Zone
Berlin, GermanyFri, 2 December 20229:0017:00CET
London, United KingdomFri, 2 December 20228:0016:00GMT
Brasilia, BrazilFri, 2 December 20225:0013:00BRT
New York, USAFri, 2 December 20223:0011:00EST
New Delhi, IndiaFri, 2 December 202213:3021:30IST
Singapore, SingaporeFri, 2 December 202216:000:00SGT
Tokyo, JapanFri, 2 December 202217:001:00JST
Will you record?

We will record the live keynote talks from Berlin and the virtual audience practice and case study sessions. 

The recordings will allow both onsite and virtual participants to return to the shared information and re-engage with the content in their own time. 

We want to emphasize that all our events are created with optimum engagement; you will get the most out of this conference by blocking the time in your calendar and joining us live.

What does my ticket entitle me to join?

An online ticket 

If you purchase an online ticket, this will grant you all access to the two conference days. Workshops on 30 November will need to be purchased separately. 

A ticket for the physical conference in Berlin

Purchasing a physical ticket for Berlin will grant you access to all the sessions during the two conference days; it will include lunch, a reception, and a walking dinner on 1 December. 

Workshops on 30 November will need to be purchased separately. 

We are currently in conversation with a hotel near the conference venue. We will update you when we have more information!

In addition, we will be adding an optional event organized by the Management 3.0 community on 30 November. Tickets and more information will be available soon. 

How do I join the conference?

Once you have bought your ticket, you will receive confirmation of your attendance.

Virtual and onsite participants will receive a link and instructions to create a virtual profile.

Both participants will be able to communicate via an app and web-based solution. The virtual participants will follow the keynote live stream, special virtual sessions, and designated fun and networking activities via this platform.

You can find more information about the venue and the transportation for the onsite conference in next question.

Where is the in-person venue in Berlin, Germany?

Forward Summit 2022 will take place at Colonia Nova, Berlin, Germany. In order to create a fantastic in-person conference experience, a bright, relaxed, and inspirational venue is vital, and Colonia Nova provides all this and more!

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Neukölln, Berlin, Colonia Nova enables us to create those light-bulb moments; have fun, and experience the full dynamism of Berlin.

One of the great features of this venue is a 500 sqm rooftop terrace. While we know December in Berlin can be cold, we plan to use the space for a glühwein reception and bring that famous German christmas market vibe to the rooftop, using it as a wonderful escape from Berlin’s city life.

For those looking for the famous Berlin vibes, the venue is in the immediate vicinity of the cool Reuterkiez and the Weserstrasse nightlife district to continue the fun after the conference ends.


Thiemannstrasse 1, Tor4, Haus5
12059 Berlin-Neukölln


From outside Berlin: Travel to Berlin Hauptbahnhof [Central Station] and from there take a regional or S-Bahn train to S-Sonnenallee (Ringbahn S41, S42), Bus M41 (Hertzbergplatz) also stops not far away from the venue.


As a unique venue, Colonia Nova does not provide accommodation. We are arranging a VIP price for Forward Summit attendees at some nearby hotels and will confirm details shortly (accommodation is not included as part of your Forward Summit attendance).

What technical items do I need If I’m joining virtually?

Ensure you have robust internet connectivity, a webcam, and speakers/microphone. And most importantly – yourself! Come armed with questions & an open mind!

I want to join virtually; how will you make the virtual conference interactive?

Firstly, we are building both experiences with our audiences in mind. That means we are not just putting a camera up in our Berlin venue and sharing it with you. Our keynotes will be live-streamed, but you will be able to ask questions, which we will moderate and bounce to the speaker. 

For the practice sessions & case study sessions, we are asking our speakers to deliver their talks twice. The speakers will provide their talks once to our live audience and once modified for participants worldwide behind their computer screens. 

Our network, open and social sessions are designed and created specifically for our virtual audience. 

How can I network and meet fellow attendees?

Onsite participants will have ample opportunity to connect during breakout sessions, coffee breaks, lunch, and the reception. We are also planning a designated networking event. 

Both sets of participants will be able to communicate via an app and a web-based solution. We are coming up with ways to connect both audiences in surprising and engaging ways. Stay tuned for more information on this. 

There will be plenty of opportunities for small breakout sessions on the platform for online participants. You will also be able to message and chat with other attendees through the event platform or have 1 to 1 meetings with people with whom you may wish to do business. And we are also planning a designated networking event, where you will be networking with fellow attendees from across the globe. 

Is there more info about networking?

In the center of Berlin, in Autumn, the Forward community is poised to have a lot of fun over our 3-day program. We understand that networking is a vital part of the Forward Summit experience and so we have created fabulous facilitated sessions to help you meet those new connections and potential clients as well as enjoy yourself!

  • Forward Flagship Summit “Glühwein” Drinks Reception – with some great entertainment planned…..
  • Extended Coffee & Lunch Breaks to ensure you meet as many peers and potential clients as possible
  • Roundtable Groups – join in our facilitated informal sessions with small group round-tables
  • Unconference Tracks – These sessions enable you to create your own program based on what you and your peers decide
  • Create working groups and get to know each other whilst discussing the hottest topics in management & leadership
  • Pre-conference group activities: We are planning some fun down-time activities as part of our getting to know each other plans. More info soon!
  • Pre-conference workshops: Our one day workshops enable you to get to know your fellow attendees over the course of the day and delve into deep content in small groups. Limited to 20 attendees per workshop, for optimum interactivity

Just some of the fantastic opportunities to help you connect with the right people from across the globe at Forward Flagship Summit 2022!

What about health and safety?  

At Management 3.0, we take health and safety seriously; we perform a risk assessment at our venue and will closely monitor the COVID19 rules and regulations in Germany. We will always comply with any official preventive measures to prevent the virus’s spread. We will update our participants about the measures closer to the time. Please check the government website for the latest regulations and entry restrictions. 

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