Next fully virtual event 2023

Next Event 2023 | Online

A unique and experimental 1-day Online learning experience!

  • An interactive and deep learning journey
  • Experimental format whereby the attendee is an integral part of the summit
  • Explore and try hands-on practices
  • Learn From Experts

The 2022 Forward Summer Summit

This 1-day Summit has centered around “The Great Employee Experience (EX) Awakening” and wasn’t your average (virtual) conference. We aimed to create an experience, build a story and give attendees tangible tools to work on Employee Experience in their organizations or with clients the next day.

There were 4 experts equipping participants with new information on a number of steps in the employee journey.

With this new information, participants worked in small groups to solve EX puzzles and hire, develop and reward our fictional candidates.

In their small group participants were also able to share their best practices, tips, and tricks as well as learn from the mistakes of other international participants. In this way, true peer learning was facilitated and deep connections were formed between attendees.

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