Join us on a journey into “The Great Employee Experience Awakening”

2 June 2022 | Online

Forward Summer Summit
1-day virtual summit

At a glance

  • Interactive and deep learning journey
  • Learn from experts
  • Solve EX puzzles together with other attendees
  • Explore and try hands-on practices
  • Network with other EX enthusiasts and Agile Leaders

Why should I attend?

+35% employee engagement
+270% higher productivity than competitors
-90% annual turnover

This is what organizations with a defined Employee Experience achieve

Together we will roll up our sleeves and dig into one of the hottest topics at the moment.

The Great Employee Experience Awakening. Finally, putting people first.

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    What Will I Experience?

    At Management 3.0, we are all about experimenting. So at this summit, we will be storytelling. Attendees will follow a path; along the way, we will talk to experts, discuss transformative EX with fellow attendees, solve EX puzzles, and explore and try hands-on practices that we can start using tomorrow to improve workers’ journey from candidacy to exit.

    We will have ample opportunities to get to know each other, and the day will culminate with a fun social activity.

    We envision something on the crossroads between a workshop and a conference permeated by a strong narrative.